What is branding in marketing?

Let's talk about the importance of Branding.

This is such an important topic, because many Business Owners struggle with the concept of branding and this is quite often because they have no clear strategy or direction and quite often no real idea of who their ideal customer actually is.

But how can you create Branding and Marketing Messages that resonate if you aren’t clear on your Business Mission and Vision, who your customer is and why what you have to offer matters to them?

In my experience, working with hundreds of Female Entrepreneurs from all over the world, many Business Owners, overlook the importance of Branding and instead of taking the time to answer some searching questions that will help them to develop a strong Brand Strategy for their Business, they end up creating 'accidental branding' which then puts them on very unsteady ground.

Accidental Branding happens when a Business owner, gives no time and thought to the 'meaning' of their Brand and the 'values' that they want their Brand to stand for, but instead, they rush through the process, assuming that Branding is simply about picking a few nice colours and shapes and throwing them together to form a logo.

But in reality, Branding is so much more than simply developing a pretty logo!



So, what is a Brand?

A brand is the 'feeling' that people have or the 'emotion' that is stimulated, when people see or hear information about your company, products and services, so it's vital that you create the experience that you want your customers to have throughout your entire marketing efforts.

Why is Branding Important?

Branding is vitally important to the success of your Business because:

  • Improves recognition & builds trust
  • Helps to attract your Ideal Customers to your Business
  • Positions your Business above and away from the Competition
  • Prevents you having to compete on price
  • Enables you to win more customers who are willing to pay more
  • Builds Financial value into your Business

Four Components of Brand Strategy

So, Branding is about so much more than simply designing a pretty logo.

In fact, there are 4 components to building a successful Brand Strategy, which many Business Owners totally over-look and this includes developing your:

  • Brand Strategy – how you interact and what you say
  • Brand Creative – the visual pieces and elements of your brand
  • Brand Maintenance – to ensure Brand Consistency, build recognition & trust over time
  • Brand Launch – actionable steps for successful brand implementation and execution

I’ve put together a FREE Branding Strategy Check-list, which goes into much more detail about these 4 components and the EXACT steps that you need to take to build a successful Branding Strategy for your Business.

I’m really excited to share this with you because I know you’ll find it super helpful in creating a really strong Brand Strategy and visual Identity for your Business, which will help you to attract the right customers, gain more sales and allow you to make a bigger impact in the market-place.

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