How to find your Passion and Pursue your Dreams

If you have been following my blog and Podcast so far, you will know that it is my life's mission to help women, just like you to find your passion and follow your dreams

The reason for this is simple!  Life is literally too short! You can trust me on this! 

I followed my own creative passion, over 17 years ago, to give up the rat-race and begin a business working from home, around my children and since then I've never looked back!

Back then I had a passion for Pottery, Ceramics, Jewellery Making and all things creative and I managed to turn my passion into a very profitable business, which allowed me to provide for my children, as a single parent and to be there for them when it mattered.

In fact the business evolved over time, from being a local business, selling to local parents, to running classes, where I taught other women how to make my products and set up their own creative home businesses. 

It then evolved into a very successful online business, back in 2010, where I was teaching and supporting women all over the world, to start their own creative home businesses.

By having the courage to pursue my passion and follow my dreams, I created my own dream life-style, with a business and lifestyle that I loved.

Then in January 2016, disaster struck when I was suddenly struck down with a Brain Haemorrhage, which not only threatened my life, but also to threatened to rob my children of their mother and destroy my Business and my livelihood. 

I spent 6 months in hospital and a further 6 months, being cared for by my parents, separated from my children.

A Brain Haemorrhage is something that the majority of people don't survive, therefore, unsuprisingly, my recovery was slow and I was unable to work for almost 3 years.

Despite this, I survived and so did my Business and I now have a new found gratitute for life and wanting to inpire others, to make their lives count!

Life is too short, to be stuck in a job you hate or which is preventing you from spendng time with the people you love.  So, this is the reason I started started Victress Entrepeneurs.

It is my life's mission to inspire, educate and empower women, from all around the world to recognise their worth, realise their potential and step into their own unique power to build a Business and Life that they love.

Having survived what I did, and the fact that both of my Businesses survived too, makes me feel "Victorious in Business and in Life" and I want to help other women feel the same way too! 

So, if you have that feeling in the pit of your stomach or that tiny whisper in your mind, tellling you that there must be MORE for you in life, I'm here to tell you that there is!  Because, we all have the ability to create the lives that we want and I want to show you how!

First, I want to take you on a journey of self discovery!  So, please download the FREE Workbook and Planner I've created for you!  

This will help you to get clear on your key passions and talents, so that we can create an action plan to turn your dreams into a reality

Please download the workbook so we can start taking the steps to create the life of your dreams!