Inspirational Message for Single Mums

This is a poem that I have written for my two sons, Harvey & Elliott, about my struggles as a single working mum.  I wanted to put something into writing, which they could keep forever, as a reminder of how much I love them and how proud I am of them.

When I was suddenly rushed to hospital for life saving surgery, following a brain haemorrhage in 2016, I recall the terror and fear that I would never see my children again.  I wanted them to know how much I loved them and how proud I was of them.

I was filled with regret and remorse that I hadn't 'done enough,' I had been enough,' and I hadn't told them 'regularly enough' how I feel.  I was afraid that I would die, and they would never know, how much I loved them and how so very proud I was of them.

So, 4 years on, I am grateful each and every day, that I survived something that most others do not, that my boy's still have their mum and I still have the gift and privillige of being here for them.  

I am so thankful that I still get the chance to tell Harvey & Elliott, how much I love them and how proud I am, of the young men they have become. 

I have decided to share this poem after doing some research, on what phrases single mums search on the internet.  Sadly, these are the phrases that came up, which I think sums up the struggles and isolation that many single-mums feel.  Maybe you can relate?

  1. Being a Single mum is lonely
  2. Feeling trapped as a single parent
  3. Single mother lonely depressed
  4. Help for single mothers
  5. How to cope financially as a single parent
  6. Being a single mum is hard
  7. Single mum with no life
  8. Single mum no friends
  9. Isolated single mum
  10. Hate being a single parent

As a mum, who has raised and provided for my children, independently, as a single mum, with my own creative home business, over the past 11 years, I promise you, being a single mum doesn't have to be any of these things. 

Yes, it is tough! Yes, it is hard work, but you DO have power to change your life.  You CAN be the mistress of your own destiny. You CAN create your life's victory!  

Being a single mum, shouldn't be about being sad, lonely, depressed and isolated.  It should be about female empowerment, strength and independence.

So, I want to re-write this story and throw out some alternative words, which I think more accurately reflect being a single mum.  

  1. Inspirational single mom
  2. Happy single mum
  3. Loving single mum
  4. Independent single mum
  5. Liberated single mum
  6. Strong single mum
  7. Proud single mum
  8. Powerful single mum
  9. Successful single mum
  10. Empowered single mum

If you are a single mum, you are ALL of these things and you have more strength and power than you know.

I hope that you enjoy this blog article and the poem to my boys.  I hope that it provides you with the strength, inspiration and encouragement that you need 'to find your victress within.'

I am a Single Mum ...

I am a single mum, I didn’t have time to play,

I had to work so tirelessly, to keep the bills at bay,

I wanted you to have everything, that I thought you did deserve,

So I started a small business, despite my fears and nerves.

It was so important, that I could pick you up from school,

to be there when you needed me, from winter through to fall.

I was there when you were sick and through the holiday’s,

but I was a single working-mum, I didn’t have time to play.

I worked hard in my business, to provide for your every need,

not realising how the years advanced, with such aggressive speed.

Working so relentlessly, from dawn to dusk,

as childhood advanced so hurriedly, to your adolescent cusp.

Sometimes you would say to me “mummy can we play?”

and all too often, I replied to you, “Yes, on another day.”

As a busy single working mum, I see now, that tomorrow never came,

And now my heart is filled with sorrow, guilt and shame.

But now you’re all grown up, I’m so proud of the young men you’ve become,

and I hope you value the lessons, that I taught you, as a single-mum.

I wasn’t always there for baking cakes, or to play each day,

I wish I had, but I was not, despite my guilt and blame.

But I hope that I taught you, if you want something in life,

go after it regardless, of your troubles and strife.

If you want something bad enough, you will have to save,

the course of your own destiny, you must pave.

I declined to buy you, your very first car,

a sense of entitlement, in others, you watched from afar.

But you never did complain, you knew what must be done,

and I am so very proud, of the young men you’ve become.

I taught you work ethic and paving your own way,

chasing your dreams relentlessly, they'll become reality one day.

I taught you the importance, of saving for your own home,

you’re pursuing that dream persistently now, like a dog without a bone.

So, now you’re all grown up, I am so very proud,

despite the years I punished myself, for not being around.

I see now, my struggles are what have made you who you are,

two young men, in life, I know who will go exceedingly far.

So, although I was a single mum and I didn’t have time to play,

my love for you is endless, a bounty that cannot be weighed.

I will be by your side until the end of time,

loving you too much, has been my only crime.


By Michellle Williams - for Harvey & Elliott

(copyright 2020)

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