Motivation for Female Entrepreneurs

Hello Victesses, you have probably noticed, I have been very quiet over the past couple of months. I need to be honest with you and what better day to be so brutally honest than on #WorldMentalHealthDay.

Before I start, let me tell you that this is NOT easy to shrare, but I do it in the hope of providing motivation for other Female Entrepreneurs, who, like me, may be facing some tough challenges at the moment.

If you're an aspiring Female Entrepreneur, searching for women's inspirational stories of success, trying to understand what drives successful female entrepreneurs and where they get their entrepreneurial motivation, despite whatever challenges life may throw at them, I hope that my own honest story, will inspire you.

Over the past couple of months (and years) the universe has sent me a few curve balls, which I have been struggling to deal with. Consequently, I needed to take some time out, to try to rediscover who I am.

I have been struggling for a long time to get back to the person that I used to be, before my brain haemorrhage. I was constantly getting angry with myself and putting myself under far too much pressure, to be able to do the things that I used to be able to do, before my brain injury.

Suddenly I began to question who I am? I know to everyone else, I look the same, but I am not the same and often it feels like I am living with a strangers Brain.

I am a brain injury survivor. I have an invisible disability and every day I am fighting a silent battle with myself that nobody sees or understands.

I still have all of my big dreams and goals, but now, with a brain injury, although I can see the big picture, I struggle with the ‘doing’, the day to day tasks and practicalities that are required to make those goals a reality. This is the new me. It feels like I am a stranger to myself.

The old me, was self-motivated, could multi-task, spin plates, think on her feet, memorise everything, was hyper efficient and could work by memory, without a to-do list.

The new me, can’t remember, struggles to plan and organise, can’t self-initiate or multi-task, struggles to concentrate, is easily distracted, looses focus, becomes easily overwhelmed and gets an ‘angry brain’ at anything that requires even the smallest level of mental processing or concentration.

Often a task that would take me 10 minutes before, now may take me several days and many tasks are so overwhelming that I come to a complete halt.

I am a positive person by nature and I set up Victress Entrepreneurs and The Victress FM Podcast, because I wanted to inspire women, what is possible for us all, despite the challenges that we may be faced with.

I have been in business for almost 20 years and I have always been a huge advocate of entrepreneurism for women, because I believe that starting a business, is the best personal development journey we can ever go on. Through this vey process, we grow and learn so much about ourselves.

But at a time, when I was already struggling to come to terms with ‘the new me’ I suddenly lost my beloved Dog, Daisy, to Cancer. “Just a Dog’ I hear some of you say.

But, Daisy was not just a Dog. She was my best friend and therapy. She got me through my marriage break up, through raising two children, as a single mum.  She was the only soul there to comfort and support me, when I suffered my brain haemorrhage and she walked me back to health afterwards.

In fact, in the 6 years that Daisy graced my life, it was her that provided my strength and positivity. She was my running buddy and after a morning run with Daisy, I felt invincible. I felt that life could throw me anything and I could deal with it.

But suddenly, without Daisy, without my running buddy, without my morning routine, without my reason for getting up in the morning, suddenly, I didn’t feel very invincible. I didn’t feel so victorious.

So, I have been quietly struggling with my loss and trying to figure out who ‘the new me is’ since my brain haemorrhage. Because, I know that "the old me" is in there, but it often feels like she’s trapped behind a glass wall and can’t make it through to where I'm waiting, on the other side.

The loss of Daisy and the loss of "the old me," suddenly sent me into a dark place. A place where, I didn’t recognise who I was any more. I didn't know or even like "the new me".

BUT, I started journaling and getting my feelings down on paper, I suddenly discovered that I could write poetry and draw. (New talents that 'the old me' didn't have).

I thought every day about the things I have, to be grateful for in my life. I began to focus on my strengths, rather than the weaknesses of my brain injury.

I rescued another Dog, "Maddie", I began to get out in nature again and run (the companionship of a pet and running are so good for mental health and well-being) and slowly I am starting to feel victorious again.

Sometimes life throws us curve balls and it is difficult to find our strength. Sometimes we need to take a bit of time out and re-energise.

But dig deep, we all have a Victress within us, desperate to help us discover the best version of ourselves and to lead our best lives possible. I can hear mine calling to me.

Listen to your inner voice. Listen to the quiet voice inside of you, telling you that you are and can be more. That's your inner Victress calling you. Can you hear her?

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