Finding your Victress Within

Finding your Victress Within - by Michelle Williams

"Life hasn’t always been kind, she’s been dealt some tragic blows,

But she’ll never let that define her, constrain, or keep her low.

She’ll use her pain as power, to rise up and live her truth,

There’s a passion burning inside her, to stop her would be no use.

She wants to make a difference, to have a big impact on the world,

Her perseverance unwaivering, to let her voice be heard.

She has a clear vision, of all she wants to achieve,

and knows she has the power,  to create reality from her dreams.

She trusts in her instincts, that she has a power untold, 

She’ll unlock the power within her, to let her dreams unfold.

She’ll work hard to take the steps, that will lead her to her dreams,

rising up ‘victorious’ like a Phoenix from the flames.

She wants to take you on a journey, to unlock your power too,

she wants to introduce you, to your inner Victress too.

Because, we all have the power, to achieve our wildest dreams,

You just need to believe in her, the victress, within you.


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