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Welcome to the home of Victress FM, where every week, I’ll be introducing you to inspiring women, who have refused to give up and who have gone after their dreams, even in the face of extreme adversity.

We'll dive into her victories and her defeats and discover the lesson's that she's learnt along the way, all with the aim of inspiring you to step into your own unique power, to create a business and life that you love.

I hope that you absolutely love all of the guest interviews and inspiring stories that we have lined up for you.

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Episode 027: Moving from Surviving to Thriving - With Jennifer Bronsnick

During this episode with Jennifer Bronsnick, we talked about Human Design and how understanding your chart can help you in your life.  

Episode 026 - Wake the Wild Within - with Olivia Shwetz

During this episode, we talk about the 11 steps that we can all take to awaken our wild within and reactivate our natural intuitive gifts with intuition reactivation coach Olivia.

Episode 025 - Mindfulness for Health, Wealth & Happiness - with Caroline Maynard

Caroline is a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, who took the leap of faith, to follow her passion and start her own Wellness Coaching Business, after being fired from her Corporate job on her 54th Birthday.

Episode 024: Stop Settling & Start Living - With Kelly Kristin

Kelly’s mission is to help every woman know their worth, speak their truth and refuse to settle.   

Episode 023: How to be Money Smart & Debt Free - With Kat Kuczynska

Today on Victress FM, I was joined by the incredibly inspiring Kat Kuczynska, who is a stock market and property investor and the founder of Invested ME.   Kat created Invested ME to help people and small business owners, stop living from pay day to pay day and improve their finances, by learning personal finance and investment skills.  

Episode 022: Creating the Foundations for Business Longevity & Success - With LaToya Russell

This week on Victress FM,  I was delighted to welcome LaToya Russell onto the show from   LaToya is a Certified Online Business Manager, who is on a mission to help entrepreneurs plan, manage and strategize, so that their businesses run smoothly, even if they need to step back, due to vacation, emergency or poor health.   

Episode 021: From Zero to Seven Figure Online Business Success - With Sigrun Gudjonsdottir

During this episode, we speak with Sigrun who is on a mission to accelerate gender equality through Female Entrepreneurship.  She is one of the leading business mentors for Online Female Entrepreneurs in Europe, a TEDX speaker and host of the Sigrun Show Podcast.

Episode 020: Becoming a Lady Boss - With Diodi Van der Berg

Having triumphed over the adversity of her past and built up her own successful online business, as a single mother, Dido is now passionate about helping other women, in difficult situations create their own freedom and financial independence too.  

Episode 019: Upgrade your thinking, empower your Life - With Sally Wadhwa

Today, I was delighted to invite Sally Wadhwa aka YOUR TECH DIVA onto Victress FM. Sally is the founder of, she’s a Web Developer and an Online Tech Strategist that helps female business owners create freedom in their businesses and their lives, by teaching them how to create online products from their expertise.  

Episode 018: Change your Choice, Create your Future - with Gaia Armellin

Today on Victress FM, I was joined by the fabulous Gaia Armellin,  founder of, who through her holistic design & self-help approach,  helps high-potential Changemakers & frustrated Corporate Troublemakers, find their inner worth and develop sustainable businesses, so they can FINALLY create the meaningful impact they want to see in their community and beyond.  

Episode 017: The Power of Perseverance - With Bonnie Frank

This week on Victress FM, I was joined by the inspiring Bonnie Frank, a former elementary school teacher and college professor, who turned full-time Entrepreneur overnight, by creating her own business coaching and consulting company.

Episode 016: Life Force Energy and Attracting Abundance - With Nisha Ryan

This week on Victress FM, This week I was joined by the fascinating Nisha Ryan, from  The Aligned Pretzel.Co, who helps conscious, spiritual female entrepreneurs to unleash their orgasmic energy for rapid expansion in their orgasms, businesses and their bank accounts!  

Episode 015: The Power of Positive Thinking - With Tia Harding

This week on Victress FM, his week I was joined by the incredible, Tia Harding, the founder of and The Positive Thinking Academy. During this episode we talk about Tia’s own 20 year battle with Depression and anxiety and how, after hitting rock-bottom, she finally  broke free and how she is now helping other women to do the same:  

Episode 014: Empowering Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs - with Amber Christine

Amber is also a visual brand story teller and helps her clients gets their message out beautifully, authentically and powerfully.   During this episode we talk about the devastating and heart-breaking adversity that Amber faced, through the loss of her 25 week baby son and how, from the depths of depression and despair, she turned her life around to find new passion and purpose.  

Episode 013: Empowering Entrepreneurs with Disabilities - with Jane Dyer

This week I was joined by the incredibly inspiring, Jane Dyer, the founder of Tudor Rose Business Services, which Jane set up to help bridge the gap between health and work, empowering business owners with health or disability issues to regain control of their businesses

Episode 012: Overcoming Entrepreneurial Fear & Anxiety - with Mel Bridger

This week on Victress FM, I was joined by the wonderfully inspiring, Mel Bridger, who is a successful Fitness Franchise Owner, Blogger and Public Speaker. Mel is the co-founder of Beatz Fitness and the and as you’re about to discover, Mel is a multi-skilled, versatile and tenacious female entrepreneur, who doesn’t let fear stop her from achieving her goals.  

Episode 011: Moving the Entrepreneurial Needle - With Cathy Wassell

In this episode, we talk about some of the adversities that led Cathy onto her entrepreneurial journey and the lessons that she has learnt so far.  We also discuss some of the biggest mistakes that Cathy sees many small business owners making with their social media marketing and how to avoid them.

Episode 010: Finding Opportunity in Adversity - with Bridget McKone

In this episode we talk about how Bridget turned this dreadful adversity into an opportunity to reframe her life and find more meaning and purpose, helping other women to take time out from their busy lives and to prioritise their health and well-being.

Episode 009: Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur - with Amy Coats

This week I was joined by the incredible, Amy Coats, who is an Entrepreneur, CFO and Corporate Exit Strategist and the founder of Two Week Notice Society. During this episode, we discuss how Amy quit her corporate 9-5 career, after 20 years, to go after her dream of starting her own business and how she is now helping other women to do the same.

Episode 008: Living your Purpose with Sarah Grace

This week I was joined by Sarah Grace, who is the CEO and founder of Sarah Grace Coaching. In this episode, we discover some of the adversities that Sarah has faced in her own life and how these have shaped her and led her onto the entrepreneurial path that she is on today.

Episode 007: Becoming a True Visionary with Jennifer Hoffman

Inspiring entrepreneurial story about triumph over adversity as we discuss how Jennifer turned the adversity of cancer and losing a 3rd of her tongue, into an amazing positive, by stepping away from her former 1-2-1 tutoring role, to become a true visionary in her business, helping to reach more people and impact more lives.

Episode 006: Harnessing your Victress Within - With Joanne Sweeney

Episode 005: Walk Your Way to Success - with Torill Wilhelmsen

Episode 004: From Rock Bottom to Sky High - with Stephanie La Torre

Episode 003: Adversity to Advantage - with Kelly Brealey

This week on Victress FM, I was delighted to be joined by the incredible Kelly Brealey who is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist and whose mission it is, to help others overcome adversity. In this episode, we talk about the steps that we can all take to stay in control, no matter what our circumstances.