Episode 012: Overcoming Entrepreneurial Fear & Anxiety - with Mel Bridger

This week on Victress FM, I was joined by the wonderfully inspiring, Mel Bridger, who is a successful Fitness Franchise Owner, Blogger and Public Speaker.

Mel is The Mummy Trainer, the co-founder of Beatz Fitness and as you’re about to discover, Mel is a multi-skilled, versatile and tenacious female entrepreneur, who doesn’t let fear stop her from achieving her goals.

In this episode, we talk about some of the adversities that Mel has faced throughout her life, from feeling abandoned as a child to struggling with anxiety as an adult and we discuss how these challenges have shaped Mel into the successful entrepreneur that she is today.

We talk about how Mel balances the demands of raising her young family, with running her successful Fitness Business and the strategies that Mel uses for overcoming entrepreneurial fear and anxiety, including:

  • How to deal with entrepreneurial anxiety.
  • Acknowledging your fears but not letting them stop you.
  • Balancing the demands of business and motherhood.
  • How life experiences shape our entrepreneurial drive.

I found this episode with Mel, so inspiring and I know that you will too

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[0.13] Introduction with Mel Bridger, successful female entrepreneur and franchise fitness owner.

[2.00] Mel’s inspiring story of acknowledging and accepting anxiety.

[9.00] Creating a balance between work and home.

[10.00] Managing the demands of motherhood and business.

[11.00] implementing routines and structure for personal and business success.

[14.00} The importance of creating multiple revenue streams in your Business.

[15.00] Mel’s Fitness Franchise Business, who it’s for and how it works.

[17.00] The importance of Business Buddies.

[18.25] Gaining clarity & focussing on the right Business Goals.

[21:00] Inspiring future generations of budding Entrepreneurs.

[28.05] Strategies for coping with entreprenurial anxiety.

[33.00] The importance of daily rituals and success habits.

[36.11]  Mel’s biggest triumph and business motivator.

[39.36] Business & Personal Development Books, recommended by Mel.

[44.00]  How adversity has shaped Mel into the successful Entrepreneur that she is today.

[45.25]  Tips for overcoming entrepreneurial fear.

[46.12] Mel’s journey into the BBC’s Dragons Den.

[49.00] Why academic qualifications are not qualifiers of business success.

[51.08]  How life experiences shape our entrepreneurial drive.

[54.00] Why freedom and flexibility is a key driver for many women starting in business.

[55.00]  Mel’s closing words of Entrepreneurial wisdom.


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