Episode 009: Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur - with Amy Coats


My guest on Victress FM today, was the incredible, Amy Coats, who is an Entrepreneur, CFO and Corporate Exist Strategist and the founder of Two Week Notice Society.

During this episode, we discuss how Amy quit her corporate 9-5 career, after 20 years, to go after her dream of starting her own business and how she is now helping other women to do the same.

We discover some of the fears that are holding many women back from pursuing their own dreams of entrepreneurship and how these can be overcome.

We also dive into uncovering the steps that aspiring entrepreneurs can take to find their niche and transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Please be sure to tune into this inspiring interview with Amy, where we discuss some of the key motivtors for women wishing to leave their 9-5 jobs to start their own businesses, including:

  • Corporate Burnout & wanting more purpose from life.
  • Seeking a new path after life changes and adversity.
  • The Corporate Glass Ceiling Vs the limitless potential of Entrepreneurism.
  • How to create a Business from what you know vs following your passion and purpose.
  • How to transiton from Employee to Entrepreneur.
  • Creating firm foundations and sustainable income models.

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[0.12] Introduction with Amy Coats, Entrepreneur, CFO and Corporate Exist Strategist.

[2.00] How and why Amy left her career in the Corporate world and became an Entrepreneur.

[3.26] How Amy started with what she knew, then pivoted to follow her passion.

[4.00] How Corporate Burnout was a motivator for Amy to leave her corporate career and how this is an issue for so many other women.

[4.33] The issue of the Corporate Glass Ceiling vs the limitless potential of Entrepreneurship.

[5.00] How to create a business around what you know or follow your Passion and Purpose.

[6.00] Starting a business after adversity.  (Pregnancy related work-place discrimination).

[7.00] Tips for transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneur.

[8.00] Figuring out what you need to earn from your side-hustle.

[9.00] The benefits of going Freelance.

[10.00] Creating Online Courses and Membership Sites.

{13.00} Overcoming the fear of failure.

[14.00] Building a business that survives and thrives despite adversity.

[16.00] How adversity can put you on a new more purposeful path.

[17.00] Getting Clarity around what you want to do.

[17.02] Creating firm foundations and a sustainable income model.

[18.00] There’s no such thing as an overnight success.

[18.33] Coming out of your comfort zone.

[20.00] The importance of continual learning for personal growth & success.

[25.01] Overcoming limiting beliefs and adopting a Growth Mindset.

[26.00]  Adopting daily success habits.

[26.48] The power of Journaling and Visualisation.

[28.35] Becoming the person that you need to be to achieve your goals.

[31.00] How to register for Amy’s free Masterclass  to learn how to get paid to do what you love.


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