Episode 010: Finding Opportunity in Adversity - with Bridget McKone


This week on Victress FM,  I was joined by the incredibly inspiring Bridget McKone, who is a Mum and Serial Entrepreneur, who built her first business to 6 figures, whilst raising her 3 young children.

Bridget’s life then took a terrifying and devastating turn in December 2016, at the age of 41, when she suddenly suffered a life-threatening bleed on the brain, resulting in a Stroke.

During this interview, Bridget talks openly about the impact that this had on her business and her life and how she is rebuilding her life to find new purpose and direction.  

We discover more about Bridget’s new business venture, Embracing Calm, which has been inspired by her Stroke, to offer healthy Retreats for busy mums and frazzled out Female Entrepreneurs.

In this episode we talk about how Bridget turned this dreadful adversity into an opportunity to reframe her life and find more meaning and purpose, helping other women to take time out from their busy lives and to prioritise their health and well-being.

During this episode, we discuss:

Bridget has such an important message to share and her story is so inspiring, so I hope that you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

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[0.47] Introduction with Bridget McKone, Mum, Serial Entrepreneur, Six Figure Business Builder and Stroke Survivor.

[1.22] Reframing Adversity into Opportunity.

[1.56] Bridget’s Victress Story of Triumph over Adversity.

[3.05] How Bridget created a Six Figure Business from her Kitchen Table.

[4.05] How Bridget built up her Business whilst raising 3 young children.

[6.18] How Bridget grew and scaled her Business.

[8.56] The moment when adversity struck and Bridget’s world collided.

[10.21] Facing the consequences of a Bleed on the Brain (Stroke)

[12.15] Acknowledging and accepting the adversity

[13.11]  Reframing adversity into an opportunity

[14.48] Mindfulness, the power of gratitude, meditation and journaling

[17.02] Life is a gift.  Tomorrow isn’t promised.

[18.47] Living with the affects of an invisible Disability.

[20.26] How Bridget is turning her ‘mess’ into a powerful message

[23.51] Realising that things happen ‘for you’ not ‘to you.’

[24.39] Embracing Calm Retreats – the inspiring new business venture born out of Bridget’s adversity.

[27.15] Harnessing the positive energy of nature

[27.55] The power of gratitude and meditation

[28.34] Bridget’s tips on how to meditate

[34.58] The importance of living in the moment

[36.41] The perils of a noisy world and how to restore the balance.

[44.00] Daily Rituals and Success Habits.

[45.29] Step into your light and become the person you were meant to be.

[46.03] How to eliminate comparatitis and find your authentic self.

[46.40} Finding your purpose and living your truth.

[47.22]  How Bridget transitioned from victim to Victress Entrepreneur.

[50.29] The Law of Attraction.

[51.54] Pivoting and reframing adversity into opportunity

[52.18] Breaking free from materialism and living a life of purpose.


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