Episode 011: Moving the Entrepreneurial Needle - With Cathy Wassell

This week on Victress FM, I was joined by Cathy Wassell, a Lead Generation Strategist who helps Businesses, Coaches and Consultants get more clients.

Cathy runs Socially Contented, a Social Media Agency which specialises in Facebook Ads and Linkedin.

She has two teens and two crazy spaniels and she's not sure which is more trouble!

In this episode, we talk about some of the adversities that led Cathy onto her entrepreneurial journey and the lessons that she has learnt so far.

We also discuss some of the biggest mistakes that Cathy sees many small business owners making with their Social Media Marketing and how to avoid them.

Cathy offers many words of wisdom about what is necessary to create a successful and sustainable business, including the importance of taking small, consistent steps, every day to help move the needle towards the direction of your dreams.

During this episode, we discuss:

  • How adversity shaped Cathy’s entrepreneurial journey.
  • How Cathy invested in herself to find her niche.
  • The most commonly made social media mistakes.
  • Cathy’s tips for social media success.
  • The power of collaboration & outsourcing
  • Strategies for eliminating procrastination & self-limiting beliefs
  • Playing BIG and going after your dreams.

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[0.12] Episode introduction with Cathy Wassell, Entrepreneur and Lead Generation Strategist.

[2.11]  Health issues, redundancy and the adversity that shaped Cathy’s entrepreneurial journey.

[6.03] How Cathy started a Business around what she knew.

[7.22] How Cathy invested in herself and found her niche.

[8.33] Creating sales pipelines from social media, facebook & linkedIn.

[9.24] Cathy’s tips for social media success.

[13.13] The most commonly made Social media mistakes and how to avoid them.

[15.38] Coming out of your comfort-zone and moving into personal growth.

[17.11] How to avoid procrastination and playing small.

[17.47] Strategies for goal setting and productivity

[20.07] The power of collaboration and outsourcing for business growth and success.

[23.32] Strategies for working on your Business, not in your Business.

[25.34] Eliminating self-limiting beliefs and working on your growth mindset.

[27.42] Manifestation, visualisation and taking inspired action.

[30.13] Goal setting & accountability for business growth and success.

[31.32] Socially Contented, Cathy’s Social Media Marketing Agency.

[34.45] How adversity can shape you and put you on a bigger and brighter path.

[37.14] Success habits; gratitude, journaling and visualisation.

[40.56] The rise in women 'Playing Big' and going after their dreams.

[44.26] Escaping her Golden Handcuffs and quitting her 9-5.

[46.01] Finding your Purpose and following your Passion.

[47.21] The early stages of starting in business (going freelance).

[49.21] Combating entrepreneurial loneliness.

[49.51] The power of Mastermind Groups.

[52.38] Cathy’s 5 Day Linkedin Challenge.


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