Episode 016: Life Force Energy and Attracting Abundance - With Nisha Ryan

This week I was joined by the fascinating Nisha Ryan, from The Aligned Pretzel.Co. 

Nisha helps conscious, spiritual female entrepreneurs to unleash their orgasmic energy for rapid expansion in their orgasms, businesses and their bank accounts!

During this episode, we talk about masculine and feminine energy and how to restore and rebalance our orgasmic energy to attract good vibrations and abundance into our lives, inclduing:

  • Nisha’s story of triumph over adversity
  • How adversity was the catalyst for Nisha’s Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Following universal clues to pursue your souls purpose
  • Kundalini and harnessing your life-force energy
  • Igniting your orgasmic energy and realigning your masculine and feminine energy
  • Visualisation and manifestation for attracting good vibrations and abundance

I found this episode really interesting and uplifting and I know you will too.

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[1:16]  Episode introduction and welcome to Nisha Ryan

[2:11] Nisha’s Victress story of triumph over adversity

[4.40] Nisha’s experience of unfair dismissal due to poor health

[6:42] Searching for opportunity from adversity

[7.52]  Following your souls purpose

[8:54] How adversity is often the catalyst that propels us forward

[10:22] Ditching the 9-5 for her entrepreneurial dream 

[10.53]  Starting small, but dreaming big

[13:46]  Kundalini and harnessing your life force energy

[15:40]  Igniting your orgasmic energy

[16.12]  Slow down, focus on pleasure and raise your vibrational energy

 [19:52]  Daily orgasmic energy rituals; journaling and gratitude

[22:10] Re-aligning the masculine and feminine energy

[23:03]  Creating more flow, freedom and balance and less hustle

[24:12]  The importance of slowing down to really ‘feel’ and be ‘present’

31:02  Nisha’s success habits; Intentional breathing, visualisation, Meditation and gratitude

[34:58]  Surrendering, trusting and activating your orgasmic energy

[45:04] How to connect with Nisha and find out more about her work


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