Episode 018: Change your Choice, Create your Future - with Gaia Armellin

Today on Victress FM, I was joined by the fabulous Gaia Armellin,  founder of www.Flamingaia.com, who through her holistic design & self-help approach,  helps high-potential Changemakers & frustrated Corporate Troublemakers, find their inner worth and develop sustainable businesses, so they can FINALLY create the meaningful impact they want to see in their community and beyond.

During this episode we talk about Gaia’s early self-destructive struggles with eating disorders, exercise addiction and self-harm and the catalyst that finally motivated her to take control of her life and become the owner of her own destiny, transforming her from Victim to Victress Entrepreneur.

Gaia has so many words of wisdom to share about what steps we can all take to reframe our perspective, change our choices and become the victress of our own lives.

I found this interview with Gaia, so inspiring and I know that you will too.

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[0.13] Introduction with Gaia

[2:38] Overcoming childhood trauma

[4:56] “I knew exactly what I was doing to myself, I was self-harming”

[8:50] Being alienated by friends

[11:33] A few rock bottoms

[12:09] The ‘lightbulb’ moment

[14:14] Creating a new path, knowing it needed to be creative

[17:59] Comparing myself to others

[20:13] Your self-confidence has to come from within

[22:42] I had to go back to work

[24:11] “I failed myself in letting somebody else overpower me”

[28:04] Finding the root of your problem means you can find the solution to them

[30:27] Daily routines

[34:26] My biggest setbacks and learnings

[42:27] Learning how to react in situations to not self-harm

[47:36] Empowering, educating and inspiring women



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