Episode 019: Upgrade your thinking, empower your Life - With Sally Wadhwa

Today, I was delighted to invite Sally Wadhwa aka YOUR TECH DIVA onto Victress FM.

Sally is the founder of www.sallywadhwa.com, she’s a Web Developer and an Online Tech Strategist that helps female business owners create freedom in their businesses and their lives, by teaching them how to create online products from their expertise.

Sally has a background in coaching but started to learn about online business, when she was trapped in a toxic relationship and pregnant with her daughter. She used her business as a way to empower herself and escape the domestic situation she was trapped in.

Sally is also a feminist activist and runs a female empowerment podcast called The PowerFem Voice.

During this episode, we talk about the limitless opportunities that women now have to empower themselves and create freedom in their lives through starting their own online business and Sally provides valuable tips advice on how to get started.

I absolutely loved hearing Sally’s inspiring story of female empowerment and triumph over adversity and I know you will too.

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[0.13] Introduction with Sally

[2:50] Coping and suffering from PTSD

[4:55] Creating freedom with a new skill and new business

[8:00] Working quietly with my first client

[8:55] My business WHY

[10:12] Following the clues to freedom

[16:35] Self-growth and development from being an entrepreneur

[19:28] I've learned more from having my own business than I ever learned in any corporate job.

[23:12] The magic of an online business

[29:12] First steps to starting your business

[33:42] Keeping a positive mindset when facing adversity

[43:18] The Power Families podcast


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