Episode 021: From Zero to Seven Figure Online Business Success - With Sigrun Gudjonsdottir

Today, I was so delighted to welcome Sigrun Gudjonsdottir onto the Victress FM Podcast.

Sigrun is on a mission to accelerate gender equality through Female Entrepreneurship.  She is one of the leading business mentors for Online Female Entrepreneurs in Europe, a TEDX speaker and host of the Sigrun Show Podcast.

After climbing her way to the top of the Corporate ladder, as the CEO of a software company, Sigrun’s fortunes changed after she was fired from two jobs due to poor health.

This was the adversity that led Sigrun to start her own online business, which she built to 7 figures within 4 years.

Sigrun’s motto is:  Be Inspired. Think Big and Take Action and as you’re about to discover, Sigrun is a woman who stays true to her words.

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[0.13] Introduction with Sigrun

[2:32] Why did you start your business?

[5:34] My health took a dive

[15:54] My employer fired me – I was being bullied

[18:15] Fired because of my health

[20:54] The universe working for me

[24:45] Working from home helped me grow

[26:30] I started my business

[29:28] My business idea

[20:48] Creating courses that my audience NEED

[36:15] Why didn’t I start earlier?

[42:09] Daily routines

[45:04] Ingredients to success


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