Episode 022: Creating the Foundations for Business Longevity & Success - With LaToya Russell

This week on Victress FM,  I was delighted to welcome LaToya Russell onto the show from www.latoyarussell.com

LaToya is a Certified Online Business Manager, who is on a mission to help entrepreneurs plan, manage and strategize, so that their businesses run smoothly, even if they need to step back, due to vacation, emergency or poor health. 

LaToya is an experienced Systems Strategist and Operations Manager working with business owners to manage their people, projects and processes so that they can experience the peace of mind and freedom that they dreamed of when they first became entrepreneurs. 

Through her work, LaToya’s clients have been able to take 4-week family vacations and regain total structure, after natural disasters and emergencies; whilst continuing to make passive income. 

After having to take 3 years out of my own business, due to poor health,  I know more than most, how important it is to have the right systems and processes in place, to safeguard your business from disaster or emergency.

I found this interview with LaToya really informative and insightful and I hope that you do too. I hope

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[0.13] Introduction with LaToya

[2:54] LaToya’s story

[8:26] Starting my business as a ‘side-gig’

[11:06] How I find my clients

[13:30] My business model

[16:48] My business inspiration

[18:43] Not valuing myself

[20:13] You don’t need much to start an online business

[23:25] Traits needed to be a successful entrepreneur

[25:32] Advice for new entrepreneurs

[27:54] Adversity faced when starting up

[32:47] The importance of a business mentor


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