Episode 023: How to be Money Smart & Debt Free - With Kat Kuczynska

Today on Victress FM, I was joined by the incredibly inspiring Kat Kuczynska, who is a stock market and property investor and the founder of Invested ME.

Kat created Invested ME to help people and small business owners, stop living from payday to payday and improve their finances, by learning personal finance and investment skills.

Kat spent her early years in the corporate world, before starting her own business, after being diagnosed with late-stage cancer. 

As a former promiscuous spender, on the verge of bankruptcy, Kat is here to prove that anyone can rewrite their financial story and start building the financially secure life they once dreamed of. 

Kat has such an amazing story of triumph over adversity, having battled and survived Cancer and near bankruptcy.  I found this interview with Kat so moving and inspiring and I know you will too.pe

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[0.13] Introduction with Kat

[2:56] Kat’s Victress Story

[4:00] It all changed after my 26th Birthday

[6:13] Were you in denial?

[10:28] Cancer is such a terrifying word

[12:05] Losing control of my life

[16:47] I had to re-define my life

[18:03] I am not an employee!

[21:39] How I started my business

[24:29] I didn’t have a budget

[28:42] I was about to start to sign these bankruptcy forms, I just decided that I'll give it one last shot

[34:57] I knew I was going to achieve wonderful things

[38:03] I just broke it all down into pieces

[41:00] From life coach to wealth coach

[46:00] Gaining control

[49:55] Do everything EARLIER! Don’t wait

[55:22] You have to be determined about the life you want

[1:02:51] I can’t imagine a life without my dog

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