Episode 024: Stop Settling & Start Living - With Kelly Kristin

This week on Victress FM, I was delighted to be joined by the fabulous Kelly Kristin,   who is a Life and Leadership coach for women on a mission to change themselves and the world.

Kelly is the host of The High Vibe Babe Podcast and works with women to help them ignite and reclaim their power, to show up as the powerful leaders and queens that they know they are in life, business and love. 

Kelly’s mission is to help every woman know their worth, speak their truth and refuse to settle. 

Kelly has her own inspiring story of triumph over adversity and has rebuilt her life, after fleeing a 6 year long abusive relationship and battling autoimmune disorders, which just goes to show that we all have the power to move from Victim to Victress Entrepreneur.

I hope that you enjoy this interview with Kelly as much as I did.d empowering

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[0.13] Introduction with Kelly

[2:07] Kelly’s Victress Story

[5:17] I left at 5 am

[6:44] My deep dive into holistic health

[9:49] How my self-healing turned into helping others

[12:21] Nobody else was going to save me

[17:03] Our intuition is a whisper, not a shout… listen

[21:03] I shift my mindset throughout the day

[26:40] Conditioning and our subconscious minds

[33:56] Join my breakthrough session


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