Episode 025 - Mindfulness for Health, Wealth & Happiness - with Caroline Maynard

Today, I was delighted to invite Caroline Maynard onto the show.

Caroline is a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, who took the leap of faith, to follow her passion and start her own Wellness Coaching Business, after being fired from her Corporate job on her 54th Birthday.

Caroline’s Business in inspired by her own life experiences of Marriage Breakdown, Corporate Burn-out, Depression and Chronic Sleep Disorders.

During this episode, we discuss the signals of burn out and steps that we can all take to create the right balance of health and wealth in our lives.

Caroline shares so many pearls of wisdom in this interview, about mindfulness, and how it impacts on our well-being, productivity, health and wealth, so I hope that you enjoy this interview as much as I did.

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[0.13] Introduction with Caroline

[2:26] Caroline’s Victress Story

[6:20] Aspirations to start my business came later

[12:37] I just can’t spend the rest of my life doing this

[19:05] How life’s challenges have pushed me forwards

[22:14] Recognising burnout

[27:32] Finding time to fill up the tank

[35:38] Taking time to sit back and relax

[42:54] Running a business is a marathon not a sprint

[49:02] We all have to start somewhere

[54:55] You have to have passion for what you are doing

[1:00:16] You can’t build your business in isolation


Caroline Maynard’s Website 

Caroline’s Sleep Workshop

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