Episode 026 - Wake the Wild Within - with Olivia Shwetz

This week on Victress FM,  I was delighted to invite Olivia Shwetz from Wake the Wild Within onto the show.

Olivia is an Intuition reactivation coach, who helps women to reactive their natural intuitive gifts so that they can claim their authentic truth and confidently create a future that they love to wake up to. 

During this episode, we talk about the 11 steps that we can all take to awaken our wild within and reactivate our natural intuitive gifts.

Olivia has such an inspiring story of triumph over adversity and the message that she shares throughout this interview, is truly inspiring, so I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

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[0.13] Introduction with Olivia

[2:17] Olivia’s Victress story

[8:07] Divine intervention and raising my vibrations

[13:56] What is an intuition reactivation coach?

[17:15] When you know there is something else, how do you find it?

[20:29] What kind of transformations have you experienced?

[24:04] How mindfulness helps you tune into intuition

[26:09] How do you become a spiritual person?

[28:56] The universe gave me a clue

[30:45] Why it is so important to listen to your intuition

[32:40] What is a divine download?

[39:40] What are your biggest triumphs?

[45:01] How can we learn more about you and your coaching?


Oliva Shwetz Website

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