Episode 027: Moving from Surviving to Thriving - With Jennifer Bronsnick

This week on Victress FM, I was joined by the amazing Jennifer Bronsnick from http://www.themindfulfamily.com 

Jennifer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Holistic Health Coach, Human Design Specialist & creator of The Thriving Mama Blueprint, which helps moms heal their mind, body and spirit from burnout.

During this episode we talked about Human Design and how understanding your chart can help you in your life: 

  • You will understand why you’ve struggled in your life and how to go from surviving to thriving.

  • You can learn the skill of effectively communicating & put an end to miscommunication and the stress that often follows when we don’t feel heard.

  • You will feel confident that the choices you make for yourself, your family & your business are in total alignment with your authentic self.

  • You will have the tools essential for leveraging your energy so that you will no longer feel guilty for making your needs a priority. 

  • You will have greater compassion for yourself and the people in your life; allowing for a less stressful and more loving existence. 

I found this interview with Jennifer so intriguing and I know that you will too.

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[0.13] Introduction with Jennifer

[2:07] Jennifer’s Victress story

[6:21] Changing that victim mindset

[10:04] Something needs to change

[12:25] Changing my coping mechanisms

[17:31] How to create a life chart

[25:12] What is human design?

[36:51] Generators vs projectors

[38:47] How to heal from burnout

[40:52] Find out more about Jennifer


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