How to Adopt a Business Success Mindset

Today's video is all about growth mindset, the power of the mind and the realisation that one of the biggest influences in achieving whatever you want out of life is simply believing, that “you can.”

This is because, we are subconsciously conditioned to follow in what we think and what we believe. So if we choose to adopt a positive, success oriented mind-set and believe that something is possible, we become motivated to take the steps towards making that goal a reality.

Then by taking those steps, we begin to make progress and the more progress that we make, the more momentum that we begin to build, with every step taking us closer and closer towards our goal.

Ultimately this whole process of putting one foot in front of the other in the direction of our dreams, is what allows us to learn, evolve and grow, to become the person that we need to be, to make our goal a reality.

But, on the other hand, if we adopt a negative mindset and we believe that we can’t achieve something, we become so afraid of failure, that we stay stuck within the confines of our comfort zone and by doing so, we limit ourselves from moving forward to expand our horizons and becoming the person that we need to be, to reach our full potential.


What is a Business Success Mindset?

Your mindset, your self-image and what you believe you are capable of, holds one of the biggest influences over the decisions that you make and the things you are able to achieve.

So, the question for all of us is:  How can we hold onto our thoughts of “I can” when so often, our own sub-conscious fears, doubts and limiting beliefs are trying to convince us otherwise?

The key to this is, by making a choice to change our mindset and swap our negative, limiting beliefs for more positive and favourable ones.

We need to transform and concqueor our limiting beliefs and refuse to settle for anything less than what we REALLY want.  We need to make our goal, so real and visible, that no amount effort or obstacles would dissuade us.

How to you create a Successful Mindset?

To achieve this, we need to learn to become the person that we NEED to be in our own minds first, before we ever become that person in real life.  

You need to have a very clear vision of what you goal is and visualize yourself at your goal, truly believing that your are capable of achieving it.

Importantly, you must also realise that Success doesn't happen overnight, but when you are passionate about something and you believe that it's possible, you will always continue to find reasons never give up on yourself, regardless of the obstacles that you may face.

How does mindset affect Success?

Even somebody with a positive, success oriented mindset, can set out with great intentions and no real limiting beliefs, but sometimes they will let circumstances and the passing of time change their thinking and their behaviour.  Or they may misjudge the amount of time and effort that it will take them, so they become dissollusioned with their slow progress and lack of results and begin to convince themselves, that what they once thought was possible is now impossible.

But, the truth is, that nothing is impossible, unless you think it is.  But everything is possible when you believe.

So, I REALLY want to encourage you to think about what you want to achieve in life.  Maybe you have a big dream or goal, that seems so far out of reach to you, that you’ve convinced yourself that it’s impossible?

But now is the time, to go out there and believe in yourself, because whatever you set your mind to, is possible and you can achieve whatever you want and desire, if you believe that “you can.”

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