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So, you're thinking about starting a Business?  Let me congratulate you!  This is SO exciting!

Being at this infancy stage, I know how excited you must be feeling, but also a little bit overwhelemed.  You probably have lots of questions racing around your head about what you need to do to successfully start a business. Am I right?  

Don't worry that is absolutely natural and I remember feeling exactly the same way, when I first started in Business almost 18 years ago!  

That's why I've put together this FREE Business Success Roadmap and checklist which outlines the exact steps that I took to successfully start, launch and grow, several succesful businesses over the past 18 years. 

There are 4 stages of Business evolution and growth and it's vital that you take the right steps at each stage, to ensure that your business is built on firm foundations and continues to survive and thrive for the long-term:

  1. Foundation - this stage is all about Business idea generation and validating your business concept. Your activities will focus on, getting clear on your business mission and vision, conducting market research, developing your product and service ideas and writing a Business Plan.
  2. Evolution - this stage is all about company formation and turning your idea into a firm business reality. So, your activities will relate to choosing a legal structure for your business, picking and registering your business name and getting any relevant licenses, permits or contracts in place to ensure that your business is operating on a firm legal and financial footing. You will also focus on on defining your brand strategy and marketing plan and designing and implementing all of your online and offline marketing assets, such as your logo and website, to begin promoting your business. 
  3. Growth - at this stage you have formed your business and created your initial online presence, but you now need to find, attract and engage potential customers, by implementing marketing strategies to generate traffic and attract and grow your audience.
  4. Expansion - at this stage you have grown your business to a level that is generating consistent sales, but at the cost of your time.  You may find that you are so busy 'working in your business' that you have no time work 'on your business.  Therefore, at this stage it's important to focus on strategies to leverage and scale your business. 

If you want some extra help understanding and navigating these important 4 stages, please download my FREE Business Success Road Map, which includes a helpful check-list, outlining all the steps you need to take through each stage of your Business evolution and growth.

Download my Business Success Road Map now and then follow the links below to discover other useful resources, relating to starting, launching and growing your Business. 

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